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Wędruję, robię software, konsultuję, piszę: porady i apka dla nowych osób na

Wyprawy rowerem, kajakiem, żaglówką, koleją i pieszo.


Zaimki: On/Jego He/Him

Konto dla postów i zdjęć z Polesia


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Lubię naukę, technologię, politykę i sztuki walki.



call me trent reznor the way im in a fucking downward spiral

plural girl whos probably borderline.

lots of uncw'd posting.

my two big topics are lewd gay yearning and frustration at myself/others.

only accepting folreqs from those who i consider close to me. if you receive a folreq from this account consider it an invitation to follow back

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I'm Kyuutsy, I draw cute, sexy, inappropriate ish!



Teacher, Citizen, Urbanist, Friend

Terry Grundy teaches university-level courses on ethics, social justice, and intellectual history. A passionate lover of great cities, he’s a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Fabian Society, Humanists International, the American Humanist Association, the Cambridge Union Society, and the Royal Over-Seas League.

Avatar: A targe argent. On a cross engrailed gules between four lions passant guardant gules five martlets or.

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USAF/USAR Veteran, IT Director and infosec lifer, retro tech and FOSS enthusiast. Anglophile.

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Cybersecurity weather person and award winning shitposter. Shitposting is an anagram of Top Insights. You may be surprised to know I am not representing my employer here and these are not their opinions.

I have Direct Messages disabled - you can send them, but I will never receive them.

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⇝ Journo. Interesuje mnie kryzys miasta i ferment w kulturze. ⇝ https://andrzejjozwik.pl
World is running, shaping, and changing, and I observe it.

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:fsfe: Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control technology. Software is deeply involved in all aspects of our lives. #FreeSoftware (aka #OpenSource) gives everybody the rights to use, understand, adapt, and share software. These rights help support other fundamental rights like freedom of speech, freedom of press, and privacy. #SoftwareFreedom

Public Money? #PublicCode ! #DeviceNeutrality #UpcyclingAndroid #RouterFreedom #ilovefs #YH4F #REUSE #DigitalRights

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Ideolog łołk (woke) i LGBT, kryptolibek, tutaj krótkie hottejki, kotki, linki. Po dłuższe teksty: https://slwstr.net

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Personal Acc't. Speaking only for myself. Privacy, Misinformation, AdTech, Education, Open Source, Content, and Standards. Education is a social justice issue.


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Kot wcielony w człowieka. Czyta, politykuje, gra.... Ukryta opcja Niemiecka. Technologie, bezpieczeństwo, hobby IT. Ze szczyptą gotowania.
Wpisy starsze niż 1 rok będą kasowane.

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Nie chcemy wymierać. Nie chcemy, żeby kryzys klimatyczny i kryzys bioróżnorodności sprowadziły zagładę na nas i na inne gatunki.

Politycy nas zawiedli. Wszyscy. "Grzeczne" protesty - marsze, petycje, udzielanie się w konsultacjach społecznych - nie działają. Pozostało nam pokojowe obywatelskie nieposłuszeństwo.

[Jeśli chcesz współtworzyć Mastodona XR Polska albo w inny sposób przyłączyć się do naszych działań, pisz do nas tu albo na media@xr.org.pl]

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Instance's foxgirl admin

Follow requests are fine, please just DM me first saying why you want to follow.

NixOS user, sysadmin, furry, college student, and weirdo.
I work on #iceshrimp doing Nix packaging and a bit of Javascript work!

Profile Picture by myself, made in VRoid Studio.
Banner by

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I like games and tech and stuff.
I made this account only because I like tech and stuff.
Mostly posting in English, but will post and boost Polish stuff.
My old mastodon profile: https://tech.lgbt/@MarkAssPandi

Everything I do is Platonic, as I am happly monogamously taken by a fantastic boy :3 . I will say some nsfw stuff sometimes (I try as I can to CW correctly)



oh nyo



only accepting folreqs from people I follow on either of my accounts

#nobot #noindex #noarchive

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In italiano Vincenza, na hrvatskom Vinka, po polsku Wenusia. Didżejka w Radio Kapitał.

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Had breakfast?
Every day an idea for a different one.
If you are looking for #inspiration, you have no idea what to cook, or you just want to look at pictures of tasty #food, I invite you to follow. #foodporn

Apart from food, I like to take photos, mainly of nature, landscapes and monuments #photography

Free time is for playing games. Usually PC, but recently also on the Switch. #gaming

At work I play with numbers. #data

Here will be plenty of #breakfast's, #photo's and #chart's.

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Szkolimy, udzielamy bezpłatnych porad prawnych, chodzimy do sądu. Dzięki nam coraz więcej osób wie, że ma prawo pytać urzędy, te zaś wiedzą, że muszą odpowiadać. Potrzebujesz porady? Pisz na porady@siecobywatelska.pl
Uważasz, że to co robimy jest ważne? Wspieraj: https://siecobywatelska.pl/wspieraj



AI, biological AI, Java, programming and computing enthusiast and researcher



52yo bi male love girls boys men women and trans enjoy chatting and trading pics dm me

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​:neocat_flag_agender:​ ​:neocat_flag_genderfluid:​ ​:neocat_flag_plural:​ ​:neocat_flag_pan:​

I'm a schrodingers charlatan, a saucy psychopath and I sew strings of salacious stupidity in tiresome tirades as I disintegrate and decompose in dissociation. I'm plural and I mostly post lewds or write out little things because I like words a lot even though I hardly ever stitch them together to my liking. I collect oddities and like horror and fantastical/theatrical violence. If you need to attach a name to me other than just my @ you can call me Kats. It feels fitting for a multitude of mental meanderings to me. It's kinda like finding yourself at an assembly of cats: some are the type of cats who wish to be sweet, kind and playful to everyone and some will scratch and hiss at you. If you read all this I appreciate it and hope you have a lovely rest of your time interacting or not.
​:neocat_floof_mug:​ ​:neocat_cute_reach:​ ​:neocat_aww:​ ​:neocat_box:​ ​:neocat_evil:​ ​:neocat_knives:​

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Certified bi/pan enby fox 🦊​:nonbinary:​:transgender_flag:
Entirely normal about trains, linux and networks.
Certainly would never infodump 🚄🐧

💜🧡 https://awawa.club/users/byte 🧡💜

Слава Україні 🇺🇦
Free Palestine 🇵🇸

More in my pinned posts!
FYI I prefer my name to not be capitalized

I'm sometimes lewd and boost NSFW stuff.
If you're a minor, please don't touch that 🔞

Support me: https://ko-fi.com/railthefop

On HRT since 2024-03-18
Alt: https://awawa.club/users/rail

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SysAdmin, Qt C++ dev, python automation tinkerer. Motorcycle rider.

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Very very gay collective of cats in a trenchcoat who enjoy touching computers and abstract algebra, with 19 solar orbits experienced so far.

​:neocat_flag_trans:​ ​:neocat_flag_lesbian:​ ​:neocat_flag_genderfluid:​ ​:neocat_flag_ambiamorous:​ ​:neocat_flag_plural:​

Extremely hazardous around mission critical infrastructure (and normal computers too >.<)

For the love of all existence, please do not view or interact with our NSFW/18+/Lewd posts of ANY KIND unless you are over the age of 18.

This account WILL follow and like content from NSFW/18+/Lewd accounts at times. This content will not be boosted, however.

Disclaimer: All views are our own and do not reflect the views of any of our former, current, or future employers.

Please have a filled out bio, pronouns, and at-least 20 posts (not just reboosted content) for a vibe check when you make a follow request!

Private alt for close friends: None currently

Thank you so much to https://void.rehab/@mia for letting us set up an account on here!

Instance hop history: furry.engineer -> akko.constellatory.net (2024-03-05) (Rest In Peace) -> void.rehab (2024-04-18)

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We are a non-profit, community-led organization that wants to help free and open source projects prosper. We provide Git hosting and other services, such as Weblate, Woodpecker CI and Pages.

(We try our best to be responsive, but we receive many notifications on here. Please consider using another communication channel if you need to share something urgent, thanks!)

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